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September, 2018

Dearest friend,

In over 27 years of ministry, we have given our lives to help and mentor those that God has sent to us. For the past 5 years, the Lord planted us in La Quinta. On December 1, 2018 we are formally launching our Pregnancy Help Clinic in Palm Desert where we will offer Ultrasound services to abortion-minded women and families.

What have we been doing the past 5 years?

The past few years have been vital in assimilating into La Quinta life. Though we provided pregnancy tests and referred abortion-minded women to our partner physician, we approached our ministry as missionaries. We focused on building relationships, adapted our training and past experience to minister in this unique community, and essentially learned a new way of life.

Launching our Pregnancy Help Clinic any earlier would have been premature. The right team had to be trained, faith-based infrastructure had to be build, and resources needed to be gathered. Now after 5 years of training, building and saving – we are ready!

We welcome you to our new home, Palm Desert.

Palm Desert, CA is unlike the other Coachella Valley cities. It’s an academic and political hotbed – home to some of the best higher education opportunities, including UCR Medical Residency Program. To say that this college town is influential in the pro-life ministry is an understatement. Not only does this provide an opportunity for our youth to achieve a higher degree but it also attracts young adults from other countries. Unfortunately, statistics also show that college-age women in this community are the highest at-risk of considering an abortion.

Birth Choice of the Desert is launching a Pregnancy Help Clinic right in the heart of this influential and diverse community.

That’s why our team is calling this the “Welcome Home” campaign. We want to bring women and families home; to Christ, to eternity, and to God’s family in a Voice of Love a Choice for Life.

Opposition awaits. We’ve all heard that California is the “pro-life ministry’s graveyard.”HoHN A biblical worldview wars against the intellectual ideologies that are prevalent here. Yet we’ve determined to make our Pregnancy Help Clinic home to the women and families of Palm Desert. Our goal is to have 100-180 new people attend our grand opening in December. Then we’ll continue with the annual services in strength to save 1,000 lives by our 30th anniversary, October 2021.

We are uniquely qualified and called to reach this community.

· We know Palm Desert. We’ve lived here, worked here, and raised our kids here.

· Our past ministry experience has been vital in helping us understand student life and building relationships with people from diverse backgrounds.

· Our team is talented, diverse, and have caught the vision to reach this city.

· I’ve personally called on top faith-based planters to advise and train us. My mentors have been with us every step of the way.

· We have the support of other local pastors. Our heart is to reach Palm Desert and the Coachella Valley… together.

Would you give financially to launch our Pregnancy Help Clinic?

Our Board of Directors and I have already given to this launch. I have been working a part-time job to supplement the ministry’s income. Balancing time and energy is a sacrifice, but we’re completely sold out to this vision.

Would you give financially to launch our Pregnancy Help Clinic?

Our goal is to raise $50,000 over the next three months. Our deadline is January 1, 2019.

Our Financial Breakdown:

$30,000 – will help us hire a part-time Nurse Manager. We will spearhead the launch, build ministry infrastructure, cultivate relationships with the Palm Desert community, and equipping leaders until the Pregnancy Help Clinic is self-sustaining.

$8,000 – marketing. This includes print materials, direct mailers, a website revamp, and securing transportation ad space. Part of the challenges in an urban environment is being seen and heard above the noise. We want to meet students and abortion vulnerable women where they’re at: online and on public transit.

$5,000 – outreach. We love serving our community, but it costs money. We will engage in 3 – 4 large-scale community outreach initiatives between now and September to build stronger relationships and gain exposure.

$5,000 – mobile ultrasound equipment. This includes medical gear (portable ultrasound, medical equipment and a technician) and service equipment, like seats and tables.

$4,000 – unforeseen expenses. This will go toward hospitality, unforeseen needs, last minute expenditures, and outreach needs after the launch.

Individual one-time donations.

This is an individual breakdown of what we would need to reach our financial goal. Would you take one of these slots?

· 8 people at $1,000.00

· 12 people at $500.00

· 15 people at $250.00

· 20 people at $100.00

If you prefer to give towards specific needs, access our donation needs list at

Your gift will be handles with complete integrity through the 501c3 organization of Birth Choice of the Desert and under the accountability of our Board of Directors, including our Advisory Committee comprised of medical experts and local pastors within our Coachella Valley.

In closing…

Our goal is not just a one-time event or a blip on the screen. We’ve diligently prepared our team for the long-haul. We’re here to help women find Christ in Palm Desert. Birth Choice of the Desert’s Pregnancy Help Clinic will be a life-giving, high-impact clinic with your help.

Help us launch a life-giving clinic in the heart of one of the most influential communities in the Coachella Valley. Help us launch our Pregnancy Help Clinic. Help us bring the women and families of Palm Desert… home.


Lupe Ramos Amith

Lupe Ramos Amith, Executive Director